The Best New Year’s Eve ever…well minus the dead car

So, while my New Year’s didn’t go QUITE as I had thought it would when I woke up Friday morning, it still ended up being quite wonderful.

Originally, the plan was to celebrate it at the Des Moines Social Club. I had spent the last couple months working on “The Bash” & I was excited to see it all come together.

Well, on my way down to DMSC Friday morning, disaster struck!

My car hit some ice, I slid/skid/swerved out of control annnd my car made out with the median. Air bags deployed and as of Monday, my car is officially in car heaven.

And while not having a vehicle is a downer. It’s about time she went there. She was very much on her last leg anyway.

After dealing with that and getting it towed and etc. I wasn’t really up for mass celebration. So, the boyfriend and I stayed it. And it was a fantastic evening.

There was….

Wii playing

And snack making

and cocktails

and, of course, photo taking

It was fun. It was easy and relaxed and we watched bad movies and I loved it.

Annnnd it was also special because it essentially marked 1 year since the boyfriend and I started hanging out.

So, while it wasn’t originally the glamorous, night on the town, NYE I had originally visioned, it was fantastic and I wouldn’t have changed a thing……Well, except I would have a car.


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