Who Says He Needs to be an Activist

In his just released auto-biography, “Welcome to my World”

Johnny Weir, olympic figure skater, known for his out there costumes and personality officially “comes out.” Putting to bed the rumors that have been circulating for awhile about his sexuality.

The response Weir’s gotten from the public isn’t quite what he thought it’d be.

Weir, a lot like Mr. Anderson Cooper from CNN, has never officially denied or confirmed his sexuality. He’s left it private, like it should be. (And for the record, Cooper is still on the mum about his orientation). So, Weir’s a little confused as to how this is all such a big deal. Especially since speculations about his homosexuality have long been assumed (think Ricky Martin and Clay Aiken, really, were any of us that surprised)

And in my opinion, I don’t know why it is such a big deal.

We’re living in a time where more and more people can’t understand while same sex marriage is such an issue, yet we’re still making a big to-do about someone just coming out of the closet?

In an interview on The Today Show Weir said:

“I was born a white male, a white gay male, and I don’t celebrate being white or male, so why should I celebrate being gay?”

Addressing the pressures he’s had from activists to pick up a flag and join the fight.

He went on to say “I think the best way I can be an activist is to live my life, and not make that the main thing that is Johnny Weir. I’m much more than just a gay man.”

He’s right. He’s a figure skater. It’s what he does and what he’s known for. He’s not an activist.

If he decides to take a more active role in the movement, fantastic. If not, so be it. No one should expect him to. Just like no one expects me to.

In my opinion, people really need to treat this, and any other other celebrity who comes out, like they expect people to look at marriage. Just let people live their lives.

People keep stressing that with the marriage argument. Two guys or girls getting married doesn’t effect anyone else but them. So no one should care about. They should just let them live and be happy.

Well, Johnny Weir “coming out” is the same way.

It doesn’t effect anyone else but Johnny Weir. So, leave him alone. Let him do his thing. Let him be happy and skate and support his decision to be an “activist” his way, by just living his life.


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