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I’m an expert dabbler

Ever since middle school I got told the same thing.

“Drew, you have too many irons in the fire.”

Take a look at my high school resume and you’ll see that over the course of 4 years I was involved in over 30 different organizations. Ranging from; Diocesan Youth Ministry Committee to serving as a state officer for Future Business Leaders of America, to 4-H, to drama club, to working part time and going to school.

College was the same way; Greek Life, Student Government, Campus Activities Board, college newspaper, jobs, internships and of course classes. Usually kept me going from 8am to 10 or so pm, depending on the day.

You could blame this lifestyle on a few different things. My unofficially diagnosed A.D.D., my crazy (but lovely) mother who’s the same way, or my inability to ever say no.

Either way, this jimmy joiner syndrome of mine has been both good and bad.

While it gave me little free time, and more stress then I probably needed.┬áIt also broadened my horizons, allowed me to use the smarts I’ve learned from one thing in other things and gave me a plethora of networking opportunities and connections.

And that’s exactly what this blog’s going to be about. A little bit of everything.

My adventures in social media, my reviews of the happenings in Des Moines, my attempts at crafting and everything else in between.

So tune in,read on and I hope you enjoy.