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Kathy Griffin offends someone…..again

While parousing the internets the other day, in my usual attempt to be productive, but still managing to not be, I came across an article onKathy Griffin, angrily blasting her for declaring that she’s going to start targeting 16 year old Willow Palin.

I guess I shouldn’t have been too shocked they were so angry at Ms. Griffin, since the article was from Fox News. But still….really.

I can see their point. Willow’s 16, a minor and it’s not her fault her mom’s bat crap crazy.

But, since when was making fun of 16 year olds such a “no no.”

Miley Cyrus was talked about when she did the Vanity Fair cover shoot, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan have been on comedians hit lists since they were 15, and Jamie Lynn Spears got her share of jokes when she had a baby.

So, why get mad at Kathy?

People think the girl that can’t defend herself since she’s only 16. Well, she seemed to do a fine job of that when she called a kid a “faggot” on Facebook after he made fun of her mom’s tv show.

Some people are worried that this is sending the wrong message in a time where cyberbullying has become an epidemic and we’ve alot of unfortunate deaths at the hand of bullying.

I think there’s a bit of a difference. Kathy Griffin isn’t some teenager, making fun of a kid day in and day out telling them they should die, or that they’re worthless.

She’s a comedian. Known for making fun of people. It isn’t something new.

Does she need to go after Willow? No. But if we’re really going to get this upset with her over that. I think there’s plenty of comedians that deserve a talking to as well then.

Your thoughts?